Bellaroca Island Resort and Spa

Discerning travellers in search of their next unexplored destination need to look no further than the Philippine Islands. With its white Santorini-inspired architecture on rolling terrain contrasted with the azure blue of the sky above and the clear water below, Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa offers a fantastic experience unlike any other place in the Philippines and across South-East Asia.

Mt. Malindig

Marinduque’s highest peak at 1, 157 meters. Though its land mass straddles the municipalities of Torrijos and Buenavista, the shortest and most convenient route (north approach) to the top can be found in Barangay Sihi of the latter.

Malbog Sulfur Spring

The only sulfur springs found on the Southern Tagalog region. Claimed to be medicinal, its lukewarm, sulfuric water bubbles out from the deep bowels of Mt. Malindig. Peculiar smell due to sulfur.

Marinduque Hot Spring Resort

Privately-owned resort located about 300 meters away from Malbog Sulfur Springs. Curiously, its hot spring source is free from sulfur (fresh) despite the proximity. Accomodations are available so with a conference area, both set amidst an orchard of softwood trees.